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Everyone is looking for a solution to line storage. Some like spools that slip over the end of the rod. Some like Easy Keepers even though they put a kink in the line and occasionally ping open. Some like the clip on keepers are quite short and put even more kinks in the line. To be honest, even when the line comes off a spool you need to straighten it out.

Is straightening the line a bad thing?

I say, "No it isn't." I know it is controversial when everyone is looking for the best way to store line without kinks. The reason I say no is because straightening the line forces me to stop, assess the river, look for the best angles to get a cast into the most likely looking spots.

That brief pause gives me a chance to catch my breath. If I've packed the rod away and coiled the line, it'll generally be because I've had to climb a steep bank or some push through some dense foliage. Perhaps even a longer walk to get round an impassable gully. The rod has been put away to protect the tip and allow me to focus on my safety. When that happens I need a few moments to gather myself and come back to fishing mode.

What about these silicon, bendy wire things?

Gear wrap, gear tie, rod tie or whatever you want to call them, give another solution. I was a bit sceptical of their use. However, now I won't be without them no matter how I am fishing. I'm an Easy Keeper person. Yes, my lines come off like a bolt of lightening but for the reasons above it doesn't bother me. Fluorocarbon lines lose the kinks really easily with a good stretch. However, now I also carry the 12 inch version of the Gear Wraps.

Putting a spiral between the Keepers holds the line in place so even if they do ping open the line stays put. the fly is easily trapped into the coils and the hackle protected. There's less chance of it catching the vegetation and ripping a Keeper open. There's less chance of the lines getting caught on anything and getting dragged off into an almighty mess. The Gear Wrap also protect the carbon fibre from knocks, to a small degree. The silicon is soft and won't damage the finish on your rod. What's not to like?

If you're fishing with a western rod and you've collapsed it for the day, it's really easy to wrap the sections together so they are much easier to carry.

You can use the 6 inch ones instead of Easy Keepers. Being slightly longer, the ends can be turned over clamp the line down and stop it pinging off the end. You'll still have kinks in the line when it comes off but they are not as harsh as the kinks from the keepers.

Going minimal with the 3 inch Gear Wraps might be more up your street. A simple twist will hold firmly on the rod. Quick to put on and take off when you don't need them. The larger diameter of the post you're wrapping your line around is a definite improvement on the Easy Keepers kinkiness.

With both the 3 and 6 inch options there is no reason you can't add a spiral of the 12 inch Gear Wrap to hold it all in place and protect the carbon. For packing away, if like me you leave your lines on, at the end of the days fishing, the extra security of the 12 inch wrap before it goes in the bag or tube is very reassuring. I've not had a dropped line since I started using them.

There are all sorts of uses for these handy, bendy, silicon wraps. I've used them as a temporary fix when a chain broke on a hanging basket! Securing a camera in a tree, no problem. Temporary coat hanger when nature calls, sorted. Threaded tippet spools on and hooked on a D-loop, you bet. Got the magnet onto the back of my jacket when the plastic D ring broke, done that.

They've almost got the same status that Gaffer Tape and WD-40 have in my tool box, but in my fishing pack. It generally goes... "I wonder if..." and ends with "Yes I can."

In case you haven't noticed, I'm a convert. Love these things!


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