Sulby River - Above the reservoir

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There are several feeder streams flowing into Sulby reservoir. This one is the main one that flows down the valley looking to to Sneafell, the highest peak on the Island. It took two trips to get at this one. The first outing I approached from the reservoir at the lower end. Easy access to the lower reaches.

I had a take on the first cast, which I missed. Recasting and a lively little brownie came to hand. Unfortunately, with a flip of the tail, it was gone before it's photo call.

Water falls and deep pools are the order of business, but fish were very hard to come by. Perhaps because of the bright sun they were not too forthcoming.

I was starting to get a bit desperate with fish pictures at this point. Fabulous pools but very hard to tempt anything from them. Eventually I got one to stick. Not huge, but very welcome.

Once above the initial rapids things calm down a bit with some really nice looking water.

Perhaps it was a bit bright or I was not quite as stealthy as I should be but I disturbed very few fish. This river was becoming a bit of a disappointment after the other stretch. Disappointing only in number of fish because the water and scenery remain stunning.

At last! A better fish and this one stayed still long enough for it's picture.

Even the small streams feeding into this river do so in spectacular style

At the top of the first days hike is a really stunning pool and waterfall. Better still, there were fish in it!

I think a visit on a dull day might produce different results in terms of fish. There was very little cover and the fish that I did take were all from the deep shadows.


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