Sulby Claddagh

6/17/2019 | Comments: 1 | Categories:

The intention was to go and fish the Len Trench in the north of the Island. I'd been told there are trout in it of a good size. I got to the bridge over the Len and I looked at the drainage ditch (...)


Golden Druidale

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In Standford's map of the Isle of Man, 1861, what is now called Druidale is named "Glen Reast" ("Desert Glen") and the steam was the Awin Rheast. Before that it was Eairy Horkell, "Corkill's (...)


Return to the Mines!

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The Glen Maye River in it's higher reaches flows through Glen Rushen and the old mine working area. This has to be one of the best Tenkara waters on the Island. Unfortunately Rushen Road is not (...)