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  • Tenkara vs. The Whip

    Tenkara rods get compared with roach poles/whips/crappie rods and every other (...)

  • Why use eyeless hooks?

    Eyeless hooks are hooks without an eye or a spade end. They have a straight (...)

  • Putting on Easy Keepers

    Putting on Easy Keepers is relativly straight forward with plenty of reviews (...)

  • Titanium Tenkara Lines

    Not all titanium lines are created equal. You see titanium lines are not made (...)

  • Tenkara Casting and Rods

    I handled a lot of Tenkara rods from early models, that cast like a wet noodle, (...)

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  • Silverburn River

    Having blanked the morning in Santon Gorge the Silverburn is only down the road (...)

  • River Glass - Tromode

    Got the afternoon to myself Good Friday and I was going to head to Peel and the (...)

  • Santon Gorge

    Not the easiest of places to get to but very beautiful. I decided to start (...)

  • Colby River

    This is the first time I've fished this river. The lower waters are controlled (...)

  • Rivers Dhoo and Glass - NSC

    My son was playing hockey at the National Sports Center (NSC) which fortunately (...)

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2017 Season




The result of time at the vice.




Pictures from the 2017 season.

ESO-Tenkara 360cm 6:4
Silverburn River Trout
Colby Trout
A Small Pool in Colby
Tight Glide in Colby Glen
Colby Glen Pools
Colby Trout
Colby Trout
Cornaa River
Cornaa River