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My son was playing hockey at the National Sports Center (NSC) which fortunately for me is where the Rivers Dhoo and Glass combine to flow through Douglas.

I had intended to fish the Glass, but it was in no condition to be fished. Very brown and high.

Fortunately as I drove round I had noticed the Glass was living up to it's name and was running clear. Well, clear'ish. There was a definite muddy tinge to the water but it was at least fishable.

I set myself up at the junction pool.

The colour difference was very apparent between the Glass and Dhoo but unfortunately I didn't manage to move a fish. Slightly higher up river is the footbridge from the NSC to The Bowl where the afternoons football match against Jersey in the FA Inter-League Cup Final! That's football and I'm here for the fishing. Just below the bridge is a nice glide with a deeper channel at the far side starting at the tree.

Just one small fish out of there and a couple of pulls that didn't connect properly. A couple more fish fell to the "seagull" just beyond the bridge tight against the concrete retaining wall. Three young lads decided to stand above the spot casting their shadows over the water. "Caught anything yet mister?" ... well, not any more now you've scared every fish in the run. Hey ho, that's urban'ish fishing for you.

There's a good run in behind McDonald's but a flock 6 ducks decided to take fright and clattered their way through the middle of the pool splashing and creating a proper fuss. No fish in there then. Not true, I caught one little loner.

The ducks calmed down and continued to swim upriver disturbing everything in their path. Eventually they got far enough away to settle down and let the fish resume feeding. Which they did.

There is a platform to walk on here against the concrete retaining wall and beneath it is a deep channel which has been filled with large boulders that make idea hiding places for trout. Fish started coming every other cast. They got bigger as well.

This angry trout I had to follow downstream a bit before I got him in the net. He was not alone. By the time I'd finished working my way through the stretch I'd over a dozen fish and many of them towards the 10 inch mark. Fantastic sport in a decidedly concrete channel.

The fly of the day was the seagull quill pattern I posted up earlier in the week. A couple came to the partridge and snipe on an 18's I had 8 inches above "the seagull". Unfortunately I lost both flies just before packing up. I'll have to tie a few more before my next fishing trip.


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