Groudle River - Molly Quirks Glen

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Molly Quirks Glen is a place I used to play as a boy in primary school. It holds some good memories. As with all memories though it is deceptive. I remember it as being somewhat bigger and more open.

If you thought the other rivers were tight this one is in another league. Bow and arrow casting was the order of the evening with only a few places I could throw a normal cast.

The water is very shallow with a good pool being a foot and a half deep. Still there are spooky fish about. I had to sit still for 10 minutes while they stopped darting around one pool. They had seen me from 10 yards away and were already agitated.

Patience and stealth is everything though and in the end I was rewarded with a nice little brownie, out of the faster water in the neck, with bright red markings on his huge tail and a bad attitude.

Despite fishing the whole length of the glen I didn't have another take. I can;t say I'll be returning to this stretch. It really is seriously thin even though there are fish to be had.




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