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Yesterday was Cornea and today it was the turn of Laxey. I must confess that I've never fished this river before. I've kept looking and thinking there must be fish in there!

I parked up at the Shore Hotel and looked into the river in it's channel. 6 foot walls either side and no obvious way to get in. I wandered upstream a bit... nope. I'm got getting in here. On the far bank I spotted a break in the wall and some steps down. Eureka! ... back to the car and drove round to park up and get started.

I turned a few rocks and noted the dominant colour of the nymphs was a dark olive. A quick look through the weaponry and there it was, a solitary fly with a colour match. On it went.

This really is pocket water fishing and very quickly I was into fish, There seemed to be a hungry little trout behind every rock. It wasn't long as you can see from the picture that I was out of the stone channel, but there was still no bank access to the river.

There are some good pools on this river.

and the fish that are in them are much bigger than the average.

In fact I'm very impressed with the size of fish I'm catching. Every other fish is reaching eight to ten inches. The casting has been easy with very few trees to contend with.

...and the fish keep coming. The air is heavy with hawthorn flies in places so I swap to a hawthorn imitation. The blank dangly legged monstrosity certainly has it's place. This chap loved it.

Many more fish fell to the fly as I worked upstream. Remnants of the mill industry can be found in the river.

... and there are some excellent pools and glides just before the the river splits. Unfortunately I was out of time to fish them properly. It was a bit of a struggle to get out. Fortunately there is a bridge at the junction of the rivers with a path up one side. An easy escape! I had visions of clambering up a hanging root! Any easy walk down the road that runs parallel to the river to the car.

This has become a favorite Tenkara river... for absolutely sure and I've only covered the first quarter mile!


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