Opening Season 2016- Glen Maye

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Opening day was the day before but the constant rain and flooded rivers really didn't make it an option to make a start. Saturday was forecast as a much better day. Overnight rain and showers in the morning to brighten up later, didn't seem too bad. I had a few errands in the morning so I looked in at the NSC (National Sports Centre) when the rivers Dhoo and Glass meet on my way back to grab my gear. the Dhoo was chocolate brown. The Glass was glass like! Such a well named river. "Great!" I thought, going to get some fishing in. The light wind was coming in from Peel way, I thought, so Glen Maye was on the cards.

I haven't fished there for quite a while and I was looking forward to the tumbling pools and climbing over the rocks. The water was running clear and strong boosting my confidence of a good day.

There was rain and it was pretty hard but there was also some brightness to the sky. The rocks were wet but not too slippery. Perhaps it was the booties with needle studs that were doing the business for me. Either way it was a pleasure working my way up.

So I've not mentioned fish yet. The first pool was a blank as was the second. The third and I had a beauty of a little trout.

Safe in the net I got my phone out to take his picture. My camera had decided to turn itself "on" at some point and this morning the battery was completely flat. I should have known then that the day was not going to be exactly as I anticipated.

The little brownie had spat the hook in the net. Not unusual as I always use barbless hooks. As I lifted him for the picture he did that famous back flip thing that trout are renowned for and was gone. Okay, plenty of river to go at and plenty of pools. It won't be long for another to be up for the photo call.

I wasn't wrong. In the next pool one got as far as the edge of the net before it's gymnastic ability cause a parting of the ways. I really should pay more attention to the tension in the line all the way to the net. First day of the season and far too long since I was last on the water. The rain came down heavier, the water took on a slightly coloured tinge.

Getting much higher now and the trees encroach a bit. The Strooan has already been collapsed to it's shortest length to cope with the restricted access. It was time to bring out the "close combat" rod the ESO Zoom Fishing Rod 245cm/206cm for those less than optimal fishing spots. This really is a specialist rod that I need a little adjustment time to use effectively after the longer Strooan. The Zoom weights nothing in the hand and the line snaps out to deliver the fly at close range like a targeted missile. Gentle presentation needs a little calming down.

I bumped a fish which didn't come again. There is certainly a good head of fish in the Glen Maye River. The rain was now "persisting" down, the river was coming up and turning browner by the minute. The gorge of Glen Maye is tricky to get out of. I was getting to the top when there was a startled cry from just about me. I admit I jumped out of my skin and nearly went careering back to the river. A senior citizen was out for a walk with his daughter and grand kids. He saw a tree shaking and looked over the edge to see me. He vocalised his surprise. "I say," definitely a man of class. "I say, would you be a little stuck?" No. but I was a little shaken. I finished the climb out. "Oh, very well done!" We spoke a little about the river and fishing. I do wonder why people are genuinely surprised that there are fish in our rivers.

Going past the large falls to fish the section above. I was soaked by this stage and without a picture of a fish. How can you have a report without a picture of a fish? I've done well in this short section before the glen gate takes me to where I parked up. The river was very brown now. The wading was dangerous because you couldn't see more than a few inches below the surface. The water was definitely pushing on harder than when I started. Virtually impossible conditions to catch trout in. Still the impossible we can do. Miracles take a little longer.





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