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The season has opened on the Isle of Man and I am following previous seasons searching out new water on the Island that is open for Tenkara fishing. Through the winter I've spent a lot of time walking and scouting about in the valleys. Glen Maye looked superb for Tenkara and so I chose to open the season here.

At the top of the Glen is the classic waterfall that is impassable to sea run fish.

Tricky to get a line in due to the steep walls and deep plunge pools on the approach. So I headed down to the bottom of the Glen to work my way up. First cast in the first pool I got a pull on the line! Missed it. Typical. Second cast the fish was on. Rather to my surprise it was a 10 inch salmon smolt in perfect condition. Well that means I'll be back at the end of the season when the salmon and sea trout are running! Unfortunately just as I got my camera sorted it spat the hook and flipped over the edge of the net! Here's the first pool it came out of.

Working my way up through the falls and pools was hard work. The rocks were slippery and the pools were deep but there were fish in them and I missed far more than I hooked in the fast water and small pockets.

As you get higher up the Glen the water does start to even out a bit and wading is easier. The fish also became easier to catch. There were plenty of them.

The river remains quite open with easy casting for my ESO-Tenkara 360cm 6:4 rod. Glides and riffles all held good numbers of fish even this early in the season. This time last year I was blanking on similar water.

They are not all big fish but the majority were above average for the Manx rivers. Perhaps because the Glen May river isn't fished very often. Corner pools, glides and deep channels all provide plenty of sport.

I had 4 fish out of the last pool I seriously fished while prospecting my way up the river.

All in all this was a fabulous opening day with well over a dozen fish coming from this unexpected gem of a Glen. I am very much looking forward to the rest of the season and exploring some other secret pockets of water round the Isle of Man.


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