Laxey River - Opening Day 2015

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It's been a along time coming but finally the Isle of Man river season has started. I took the day off work to head out on a beautiful day to the Laxey river. this river has always been good to me and it was sparking in the sunshine despite a bit of downstream breeze.

I decided to take out a prototype rod to play with. 360cm with a stiffer tip. This is a prototype only to test the action of the rod, it's casting and fish handling ability. With the wind there was no choice but to put on the titanium line. It's a nightmare to see but with a precise casting action you know where the line is going and a strongly coloured tip is very quick to visually pick up after the cast.

It wasn't long before the fish started to show themselves.

Not all of them trout.

There was a seriously heavy downpour but it didn't effect the fishing. In fact the action picked up! The last fish I photographed was a slim, hard fighting 10" fish.




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