New Tenkara Flies Available!

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New Tenkara flies are available at Esoteric Tackle.

Esoteric Tackle Tenkara Flies

Tied by Dragoslav Mihajlović they really are beautiful flies that are sure to catch fish. I'll be taking them out to try next time I am on the river. Made with Nymph Skin the segmentation is very juicy looking.

Orange Nymph Skin Tenkara Fly

This orange one has to be a favourite. It shouts "Eat Me!"

Tan Nymph Skin Tenkara Fly

My other favourite of the 6 is the Tan Nymph Skin Tenkara fly above. More natural in colour with just a little sparkle in the collar.

I'll add to this report when I've had a chance to take them fishing.


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