Glen Maye River - Glen Rushen Mines

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The Glen Maye river runs through Glen Rushen which is higher up and approached from the mountains. After the success of opening day I had another chance at a days fishing. The weather was not (...)


Laxey River - Opening Day 2015

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Glen Maye - From the sea

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The season has opened on the Isle of Man and I am following previous seasons searching out new water on the Island that is open for Tenkara fishing. Through the winter I've spent a lot of time (...)


Sulby River - Head waters

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There is a quarry on the road down to Sulby (...)


Sulby River - Above the reservoir

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There are several feeder streams flowing into Sulby reservoir. This one is the main one that flows down the valley looking to to Sneafell, the highest peak on the Island. It took two trips to get (...)