Upper Injebreck River

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Last time I stopped at the roadside falls. This time I went up past the farm and parked in the layby just before the windswept trees. A rather crooked gate gave access to the felled plantation for (...)


New Tenkara Flies Available!

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New Tenkara flies are available at Esoteric Tackle.

Esoteric Tackle Tenkara Flies

Tied by (...)


Rhenass and Crammag Rivers

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Fantastic session yesterday on Rhenass River at Druidale. I spent far too much time having fun with the, more than willing, local population of brownies.



Injebreck River

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Flowing into Injebreck Reservoir is Injebreck River. I'm fishing these "thin" waters in an attempt to see if any of them do hold fish.

Injebreck River

Injebreck does hold fish. Again, they (...)